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Client Testimonials

Immigration to Canada


"I met with Mr. Salim Takieddine on Social Media. He is the one who helped me in applying & immigrating to Canada & to become a Permanent Resident (PR) of Canada.

My self and my husband met with him in person at his office when I landed in Canada. He was sich a kind and professional person.

I recommend Mr. Salim Takieddine to anyone who’s in need for assistance in any immigration or citizenship file."

Cherish Nader | December 2023


"I first met Salim Takieddine in 2012 when he approached me to create a website and all required supporting graphics the site and other marketing and print materials. In all my dealings with Salim, I have always found him to be approachable and pleasant to work with. He is extremely professional, always giving clear instructions, excellent feedback and paying his invoices promptly. Mr. Takieddine is an excellent representative of his community and I can gladly recommend him to anyone requiring assistance and knowledge about immigrating to Canada or citizenship by investment."

- Vanessa Ali | Ali Cat Graphics | December 2021


“I heard many great words about Salim Takieddine and the work he does before I even worked with him. When interacting with Salim he helped me on every step of the way while completing a spousal sponsorship for my husband. A very knowledge man, with great experience under his belt, and very kind. He never made me feel he was too busy or in a rush. 10/10 would recommend for immigration consultations and visa help!!

- Sandra B | Ocober 2021


"I do safely recommend Mr. Salim Takieddine. If you are planning to immigrate or start a new life in Canada and many other respectful countries,


If you are an entrepreneur, Mr. Takieddine has a wide experience to orient you to the best solution that fits your case honestly and professionally, moreover;

His immigration skills and visions are beyond your expectation - just contact him and your inquiry will be met ASAP.

Mr. Takieddine, I am proud to know a skilful and descent person like you."

- Hassan SLEEM | November 2019
Sworn Translator since 1992 / Ex. Secretary General of the Lebanese Association of Sworn Translators in Beirut-Lebanon


"Salim has provided his immigration expertise to many of my clients and they were all very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. I feel confident in recommending Salim to anyone that requires an immigration consultant."

- Najla Hussein, Corporate Registries Manager at MAC Insurance & Registries | February 2019


"Mr Salim Takieddine’s at Immigration Consulting Services, offer vast knowledge in Canadian and International Immigration Laws. He’s very dedicated to his clients and serves them with honesty, integrity and efficiency. I am pleased to recommend his consulting firm for any person seeking consultation in immigration and other related services."

- Nabil Chehayeb, Mayor of the Town of Tofield
April 2019


“I had a chance to work with Salim during my application for open work permit and permanent residency through spousal sponsorship from inside Canada. Looking back, I am very glad we decided to work hand in hand with GLI because the application process is quite long and complex. The expertise and experience of Salim, who has gone through the process many times, has been very helpful. It is also important to note that the demands from CIC often change. So it is crucial to have someone like Salim on board because he is constantly following these changes. Last but not least, Salim has been very kind and genuinely friendly to us. Thanks Salim for always being there for us!”

- Roya Semaan | March 2019


"My husband and I were referred to GLI, more specifically Mr. Salim Takieddine through a family member, and we are glad that we were! In a timely manner, I was able to obtain a work permit and later a Permanent Resident status with Mr. Takieddine's help and guidance. He has many years of experience in this domain, and is very detailed in the application process. He came highly recommended to us, and we can now say the same to anyone looking for help with immigration to Canada!"

- Sandra A. | February 2019


"It was a pleasure working with our Immigration Consultant, Mr. Salim Takieddine. My wife and I would like to thank him for his professional, friendly, and dedicated work. He was always there for support and help. His guidance made everything go smoothly. We will surely recommend him and GLI Corp. to our family and friends."

- Nancy Al Ashkar & Amir Jurdy | January 2019


"Salim is a very kind and sincere colleague. He takes his words seriously, and always treats his clients with respect and transparency."

- Lina Zheng, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) | December 2018


“I would like to thank Salim for guiding me through the complex process of immigration to Canada and it was a pleasure to work with him. Due to Salim's diligence and hard work, we succeeded in submitting our file after receiving an invite for permanent residency.

I want to thank Salim for his cooperation, amicable attitude and patience. It was a pleasure to know him on a professional and personal level and I look forward to continuing coordinating my steps to citizenship with Salim's help."

-Jad J. | August 2018


"I want to say a big "thank you" to Salim Takieddine! Only with his help, guidance and support was I able to fulfill my dream of becoming Canadian Resident! Even though my situation was unusual, Salim managed to help me, guiding and explaining every step in the process patiently and in detail. I highly recommend Salim as an Immigration Consultant because of his professionalism and extensive experience in this field."

Alyona S. | September 2017


"It’s been a pleasure working with GLI through Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Mr. Salim Takieddine to attain my family sponsorship. The process was unexpectadly smooth due to Mr. Salim's hard work and dedication. He puts all of his effort into his work. I recommend GLI & Mr. Salim to all my friends."

- Hassan Hochaimi | September 2017


"Salim was a wonderful immigration consultant who really knew what he was doing and really cared about my wife and I's applications.

He has an agent office in Lebanon which was super helpful for us as well. I could meet with him during his trips to Lebanon from time to time and my wife could meet with him in Canada.

We were lucky to have him helping us throughout the entire process, I recommend his services to anyone."

- Ali Hamieh | August 2017


"I heard about Canadian Immigration Consultant Mr. Salim Takieddine from my relatives in Edmonton, Alberta and I contacted him to help me with immigration process. From the moment I met him I felt so relaxed and got impressed by his professionalism and honesty.

The organized manner in which he asked me & my Canadian wife to collect documents and the way he explained the document check list gave us the sense that this is really the type of professional consultant that we needed to assist is with applying through the Family Class Sponsorship immigration stream.

We highly recommend his services."

Mahmoud Ady | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | August 2017


"Salim is a kind and caring immigration consultant who really cared about my husband and I reuniting.

He is very knowledgeable about the immigration sponsorship process and guided us through every step of the way. He is very supportive and ensured all of our documents were to the expected standard. He shared our excitement with us with each positive response we heard back from Immigration Canada, and was luckily able to communicate with both me and my husband in Lebanon and Canada. Highly recommend his services!"

-Samantha Ranson | August 2017


"I was lucky enough to get to meet Mr. Salim Takieddine the Managing Director of General Lines of Immigration corporation on my second day in Canada. I was in the middle of an unfortunate situation of having my entire family living on the other side of the earth while I attempt to acquire a Permanentt Residence for my youngest child who was born outside of Canada after we had gotten our PR cards.

I called Mr. Takieddine, introduced him to the monumental task of helping me bring my child while I had basically no assets here and living out of a hotel. I’m sure he felt my worries because even though he was extremely busy he told me to come to his office immediately so we can address the situation.

He collected all the information in a very professional manner and told me the steps required to initiate the process, identifying probable difficulties (including giving me printing paper when I told him I don’t have any paper) and ways around it and setting up a very clear plan that required many sets towards establishing myself in Canada. I left that day with a very clear idea of the application process and what would be required of me and the freedom of wanting him to represent me or not for the application process.

I am proud to say that getting in business with Mr. Takieddine was the best decision I made since I arrived. He supported me while I established myself and when I rented my home, bought my car, and even when I signed up with the AIMGA. He highlighted the next necessary step that I needed to complete so I can progress with my application and followed up with me to make sure they were complete.

Every visit (scheduled or drop-in) was met with a friendly welcome, a warm cup of coco and a very organized professional, with all my documents opened in front of him and we would meticulously run through ever line in every application to make sure they were correct (even spelling and grammar). This all culminated in a complete application that was processed immediately without delays.

If I were to sum-up my experience into one word it would have to be COMFORTING. It’s not very often that you meet someone you can trust completely with something so important; but I was able to do this with Mr. Takieddine because he is very capable at his job and is very dedicated. In fact he was dedicated enough to perform it even better than me. I was relieved that after I completed the application I didn’t have to do anything and yet I knew that everything would be ok because Mr. Salim Takieddine was on the job. Thank you!"

- Dr. Hany Shaltout, MRCPsych | Psychiatry Consultant
St. Albert, Alberta, July 2017


‘‘I am writing to thank GLI for their outstanding and professional services provided to me in obtaining a Canadian Study Permit. Mr Salim Takieddine was very polite, kind and understanding. I greatly appreciate his generosity and the valuable advice that he gave me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who may require professional assistance in Canadian immigration related and work / study authorization matters."

- Ramez Atallah’


"I would like to write something about Immigration Consultant Mr. Salim Takieddine and his company GLI immigration Canada regarding the excellent job they have done for me.

GLI was recommended to me by someone who had previously dealt with Salim At first I was hesitatant because I had already spoken to so many immigration consultants previously.

To my surprise, Salim was the nicest man I have ever met. He explained everything clearly and he was super helpful over and above his time.

In general, I am super satisfied and although my wife has not received her visa yet, I am confident he has done his best to make it happen. Salim shares my excitement in having my wife come to Canada, as soon as possible.

Thanks go to GLI Corp & Mr. Salim for the excellent service they have provided"

- Gabriel Nader | June 2017
President of Ball Hokey Association, Edmonton, Alberta.


"My wife and I really appreciate the help that GLI gave us so that I could be beside my wife in Canada during the delivery of our new baby and to be together in such moments.

We thank God that we met Mr. Salim of GLI Corporation and we reommend GLI to all applicants who need immigration support Although GLI and Mr. Salim are not the only immigration specialists, they the best.

I will be telling my daughter the story when she has grown of how much Mr. Salim and GLI helped and supported our family to be together to welcome our new daughter to this world.

GLI and Mr. Salim gave me and my wife one of the most honored favors in our life through their professional work and by supporting us with very clear information.

Thanks GLI , thanks Mr Salim, you are the best!"

- Ali Hazzar & Aya Hamie


"Regardless to all the tough situations I have been through in Canada, GLI's consultant (Salim Takieddine) was able to help me get a PR status! I heard about Mr. Salim through friends in town, yet I was lucky enough to bump into him on a vacation. He is very modest, professional, detailed, and willing to help at all times. Knowing how hard dealing with Canada Immigration can be, Mr. Salim was able to meet all their needs with no errors. I am very pleased with the services provided and will definitely get his help again for my citizenship status. Thank you!

- Nour Kanso


"I got the Canadian Visa! I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service that GLI provides. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conducted my immigration case from day one and throughout the whole process. I have recommended your company to others because of my full satisfaction with your service."

- Amr Ali


"My wife Inaam and I want to thank GLI for all the effort and the help they gave us in the process of the application. You opened our eyes to all of the hidden details and explained immigration law. We will come back to GLI when its time for citizenship."

- Wissam Abi Hassan | 08 01 2016


"I came to GLI with several tough issues. My work permit was going to expire and my immigration application was delayed due to career changes. Salim Takeddine handled my case perfectly. With his help I got my work permit renewed right on time and I also got positive response on my AINP application. Salim is patient, honest, and very professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help on immigration issues."

- Paul Z | Sep 8, 2015


"I am really satisfied with GLI's service - everything was on time and contacts were friendly."

- Zenon K


"I was lucky to meet Salim Takieddine and it was absolutely the right decision to get him to handle my immigration case. Everything was organized and that was a major factor of fast processing time. You don’t want to just pick someone off the Internet or out of the book. You want someone who has a solid reputation in the community for doing quality work. Salim proved that there are still lawyers who keep their practice professional and ethical."

- Engineer AA | Edmonton, AB, Canada

"My wife and I are very glad to have come across GLI's ad, we appointed Salim Takieddine to prepare and handle our application for the Canadian experience class. We began our process a year ago. Salim assisted us in completing the required paperwork and guided us every step of the way through the entire process. He worked hard for the best possible outcome and kept us well informed of the progress of our case. He is a man you can trust who works with full attention to detail and positive attitude. Overall we had a smooth experience and appreciate his dedication and professionalism. He was extremely helpful and very responsive every step of the way."

- Imad Kesserwani | April 28, 2015


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