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Client Testimonials

Residency & Citizenship by Investment Programs


"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the prompt processing and timely issuance of my son's Antiguan passport. Your efficiency and dedication in completing this task are truly commendable. Thank you for ensuring that I received my son's passport on time, enabling me to proceed with my travel plans without any inconvenience."

Shadi Alghadban | September 2023


"A close friend of mine highly recommended Mr. Salim Takieddine and his Canadian company, GLI General Lines of Immigration & teams.

My husband and I used to hate renewing our visit visas to London UK and to France -Schengen visit visas each time those silly visas expire. Filling visa applications are time consuming, stressful & anxiety-inducing.

St Lucia - experiencing beautiful St. Lucia and having a great visa-free passport. Your teams are highly professional, friendly and trained, so the application process was so smooth. Thank you all.

A million thanks, Salim!"

A-Kamara | December 2022


"I don’t know how to thank you Salim, and I cannot thank you enough!

 You have recently changed our life to the best. My wife, I and our children are extremely happy.

We visited the UK and 2 countries in the EU during last month. We did not need any visas & for the first time in our life, we experience easy entry at the airports.

 I can only say that having a Grenada passport is SO great and we are lucky to know you & your company teams.

My family & I thank you much. The service was excellent."

 - Ezzedine Family | December 2022


"Receiving Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship certificate and Passport from GLI General Lines of Immigration, for me was a Life Change and Happiness!

Lot of appreciation and many thanks to Mr. Salim Takieddine, & his teams:

  • In Canada through their head office,
  • Their agent office in Dominica
  • Their agent – rep office in Beirut, Lebanon

I can only say that service was superb, efficient and very fast.


I.S. Su.shcar | December 2022


"I would like to formally thank GLI on behalf of myself and my family. It was not an easy decision to take regarding this opportunity in our lives but with your team’s guidance and support we felt that it was an easy and clear process. These passports will not only make our lives easier in terms of travel but they will also help us to easily connect with many family members abroad. They also provided a rare sense of safety and security, which are two feelings many Lebanese families do not feel these days with everything that is happening. This is by far one of the best decisions this family has taken to ensure an easier and more fortunate future for ourselves. We are grateful for all the hard work Salim and his team have done to make this possible."

Hassan Family | December 2021


"Truthful, trustworthy person. From the first business deal with Salim you will feel that you have been dealing since tens of years. In any requirement Salim will support you . a great person and a great company he is managing with great staff. The good thing that you will never regret when dealing with him or his company. All the best."

- Wissam Kibbi | B Sc. Civil Engineer | November 2021

"Mr. Takieddine and his team are professional, organised, and trustworthy. Their substantial experience in their field makes it easy for clients to have confidence in them. Their work ethics are pristine, and they go out of their way to make processes run smoothly. As their client, I have witnessed their commitment to timelines, and to their word."

- Angelik Nehme | MSc in Dev. Economics and Policy | November 2021


"Last night I took my first flight out of Beirut’s international airport clearing immigration with my new Caribbean passport issued by St. Kitts & Nevis. The officer at the immigration post asked me how I got my passport and I explained quickly the investment process. Then he said “I will not ask you why you got it but I wish I could have one”. I felt that both Ruan and I are blessed because we have a choice in determining how freely we want to move around the world with a trouble free passport.

I take this opportunity to thank you and Team GLI for what turned out to be a seamless process in obtaining the registrations for citizenships and subsequent passports from St. Kitts & Nevis. I must admit that you have been instrumental in guiding me around my “immigration” and “traveling” needs over the last decade and you have taken every careful step in advising me as to what is most suitable for me and my family. We started by obtaining EU Residence Permits issued by Hungary and now the passports issued by St. Kitts & Nevis. The moment we got the passports I asked Ruan, “Where would you like to go next?” Then I joked with her and said, “Would you like a Chinese passport from GLI or perhaps a Russian one?”

I found the process fairly straight forward and your office in Beirut did a fabulous job in assisting us with documentation. I am sure they all make you feel proud and I really appreciate how professional and wonderful Heba Sleiby is. She’s meticulous and patient and most importantly gets the job done. I guess it reflects the culture of the organization you have so successfully built over the years.

I wish you and Team GLI continuous success. You guys are in the business of creating happiness for clients who work with you. Please feel free to use me as a reference any time and I would be more than happy to share my experience with your clients."

- Ziad El Khalil | September 2021


"I would like to grab this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for Mr Nizar Abo Hasan in being a fantastic liaison for introducing me to Mr Selim Takieddine whom from the first phone call felt him as a true brother and a close friend.

Due to his amazing personality,Mr Selim helped me choose the right citizen ship program and put me on the the right track. Also a huge thanks for his wonderful teams in Lebanon,and St Kitts who manged to help us with all the needed documents through the whole process. On behalf of myself and my family we thank you Selim and dear friends Deborah, Mike, Hiba and Julliana, Ahmad and do forgive me if I Forgot to mention any one else in the Team in helping us get the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment in a very short time (less than 180 days)and being able to travel freely and be safe . General Lines of immigration was the best and right option."

- Dr Ramy Kabbara | March 2021


"Dear Salim,

Life changing decisions are usually key to people’s plans, happiness and future of their families and are quite critical and need to studied carefully. Such decisions as well requires the right support from the right people around you to make it happen.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work, support and professionalism illustrated by your good self and the amazing team working with you on finalizing my citizenship application.

During those global tough times, and more so in Lebanon, you managed to finalize our citizenship process and issue our passports in less than 90 days. It was definitely a positive surprise and an assurance that we have selected the right partner for this.

What is more important is the approach and the way you have managed this journey with your team. I would say overcoming issues, paperwork requirements in Lebanon, setting the right expectations and making sure that all is on track Illustrated the commitment and dedication of your competent team.

I salute you for an amazing experience, a great performance and more importantly the integrity and values by which you are running you business.

On behalf of myself and my family, we thank you for everything, General Lines Of Immigration was definitely the right choice!"

- Nizar | March 2021


"It has been an honor working with your team to obtain our Saint Kitts and Nevis Passports for me and my family.

It was not an easy journey however your professional team made it a good experience.

I definitely recommend GLI for this kind of services."

- Firas Younis | March 2021


"Nov. 2019 , month to take decision to change , freedom of mobility was a challenge.

The goal is set to invest in a 2nd passport; Antigua & Barbuda a faraway islands but to get the 2nd nationality to our door step in less than 8 months , make the distance too short .
What a great feeling when family holds 5 new passports & ready to travel without a visa , it’s called freedom of mobility .

Thank You GLI for all cooperation u provide to me & my family & a special salute to a gentlemen whom I trust, from our first call & which I'm glad to know him more & eager to shake hands soon . Thank you Mr. Salim Takieddine."

- Imad El Akoury & Family | Doha Qatar | September, 2020


"Antigua & Barbuda passport was a dream and it came true because of Citizenship By Investment – Advisor, Mr. Takieddine. This man is a wonder and we were lucky to come across him and his offices.

It only took us months to hold that great passport, travel freely and feel secure. The application process was extremely smooth, & in less than six months our life has changed. Many, many thanks Salim. You are a man of his word, you promise and you deliver."

- Eliyya Ashoury & Family | September 2020


"Mr. Salim Takieddine is highly professional, meticulous and perfectionist.
My husband and I came to him with wishes to hold respectful passports that can give us the privilege of visiting London UK and Europe whenever we need, want or wish.

It turned out that St. Kitts & Nevis Commonwealth Caribbean Citizenship & Passports that we got in five months by investment & because of him, allow us to stay up to SIX months in the UK.

Our children got another advantage of applying after six months in London for study permit through UK Tier 4, join best universities and enjoy lovely British life.

Salim has changed our lives to the best and what we can only say “He is a hero”! Thanks to him, & his professional teams in Canada & Beirut."

- Daniella Antonios Layali | August 2020


"Mr. Salim is very humble, accurate and professional. Mr. Salim supervises his work from day one without missing any single detail. I have personally worked with him, everything was very smooth and he delivered what he promised.
I highly recommend everyone looking to immigrate to Canada or The US or looking for a second citizenship to work with Mr. Salim. By far, the best one doing this job!"

- Wissam Hashwi | May 2020

"Working with Mr. Salim and his team for the last year was a pleasure. Their follow up, their organisation, their good sense of logic makes you trust them, knowing that the work will be accomplished perfectly. I highly recommended working with Mr Takieddine and his team to all of my family & friends."

- Hassan El Fil | December 2019


"I do safely recommend Mr. Salim Takieddine. If you are planning to immigrate or start a new life in Canada and many other respectful countries,


If you are an entrepreneur, Mr. Takieddine has a wide experience to orient you to the best solution that fits your case honestly and professionally, moreover;

His immigration skills and visions are beyond your expectation - just WhatsApp him at +1(780) 297-7975 and your inquiry will be met ASAP.

Mr. Takieddine, I am proud to know a skillful and descent person like you."

- Hassan SLEEM | November 2019
Sworn Translator since 1992 / Ex. Secretary General of the Lebanese Association of Sworn Translators in Beirut-Lebanon


"I was referred by my brother in law to Mr. Salim Takieddine in May, 2019. I always dreamed of living in USA and heard a lot about US EB5 Investor program.

I never thought that process would be fast and smooth. From finding best project to deal with great US immigration attorneys and make it happen.

Many thanks to Salim and his professional efforts.

1st of Aug, 2019 a day for me to remember."

- Ronald Altarr | August 2019


"It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of the GLI which is headed by Mr. Salim Takieddine whom I directly worked with as an Agent for 5 years; during which time Salim had expressed great enthusiastic ownership and entrepreneurial attitude in handling his clients’ applications with professional diligence. I look forward to work to have the chance for future cooperation."

- Firas KAYSI, Regional Director at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates | April 2019


"I am satisfied to say that getting in business with Mr. Takieddine was the great decision I made since I thought of having great passport such as Saint Lucia.

He assisted me in making best decision and finding suitable budget.

While my wife & I were searching for citizenship by investment and powerful passport I have been referred to this great man by one of my clients whom I really thanked.

Mr. Salim you made our life easy. Thanks a lot."

- M. Richa | November 2018


"We came to Mr. Takieddine Salim as a group, we’re 5 families, siblings and friends.

We saw video talking about Antigua & Barbuda on You Tube.

I can only say that he is serious, delivers his promises in no time, & briefly a man of his word.

My first wonderful experience; I bought ticket to London UK, took my new Antigua & Barbuda passport in hand and headed to Airport. No visa, nothing but passport.

My entry in London Heathrow was simple, straight-forward with no hustle and bustle. I love being Commonwealth Citizen.

Many, many thanks Salim. Very much appreciated."

- A.A. Hosam | October 2018


"I am writing to thank Mr. Salim Takieddine and his GLI team for the determination, commitment, pledge and time invested in changing our life to the best.

Obtaining Visa Free Passports isn’t easy and it is a challenge. Salim you promised and you delivered, million thanks. We came to you planning to obtain St. Kitts & Nevis Commonwealth Passports and we’re lucky we did.

I will always recommend you and your companies to our friends and clients. Commonwealth Citizenship by investment is a sensitive process and needs someone highly professional like you."

- Ramez Chacra | September 2018


"Obtaining visa free passports was our dream & Mr. Salim Takieddine our Immigration Consultant- Commonwealth Citizenship by Investment Expert let it came true in no time.

We never heard again the following words from the day we received our new passports from Mr. Takieddine; Embassy, Visa application, Interview, Visa fees, Visas’ renewals, etc. Those words became old fashion.

We recently traveled, visited European countries, moved around in Schengen area & even went to Paris, Switzerland and London UK without visas.

Oh my, Salim you changed our life, & you made it easy.

I would love to thank you and your GLI professional staff for all the assistance, effort & time. We got Antigua & Barbuda citizenship certificates and visa free passports in less than six months.

You promised and you delivered. Our feeling can’t be expressed in words, we’re thrilled."

- A. Habr | May 2018


"I am writing to thank Mr. Takieddine and his GLI team in Beirut agent office particularly Hiba, for the dedication, perseverance, close follow up, and time spent in making this file see the light. I am sure GLI team spared no effort in designing and implementing all what’s necessary to get this file approved, and sure GLI will stay close to the end till we reside in USA.

I have and will always recommend Mr. Takieddine and GLI to all of my friends and anybody planning or looking forward for citizenship by investing abroad, GLI team is highly professional and never leave you in the mid way rather walk with you to the end."

- AAH, Doctor of Pharmacy, Lebanon | April 2018


"USA and my kids’ universities.

So many friends recommended Mr. Takieddine’s immigration services and especially for USA EB5 Investor program where our children’s dreams turned to be a reality.

July was a month to remember when we started dealing with this professional advisor and his company.

He found us the best regional center and project in USA to invest in and put us in contact with best US immigration attorney who facilitated the whole process.

We recommend his great services and know how."

- Ahmad Halal | July 2017


"Bulgaria was a dream to me.

I applied for a Bulgarian Permanent Residency by investment through Mr. Salim Takieddine’s office and I got the Permanent Residency for all, my children, wife, and I in less than a year.

I am writing to thank Mr. Takieddine for his participation in every step his local agent office was taking in making unquestionable service and made sure all applications’ steps were right.

I also need to honestly thank GLI staff for their marvelous service and follow ups, I shall always positively endorse Mr. Takieddine, his company & professional staff to any of my friends."

- J. Hussein | February 2017


"I would love to thank GLI for all the assistance you helped in order to receive my Antiguan passport. My words can’t describe my feelings. I would also love to thank your helpful agent’s office team in Beirut that stood next to me in every step in the process of applying for Antigua & Barbuda citizenship & passport."

- M.M. | January 2017

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Investment Migration Council (IMC) is the leading global association for investment-related migration. As an IMC member, GLI stays up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in this field through continuous education and training courses. We are committed to the highest professional standards and enhancing the respectability of the industry overall.

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